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Exercise and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an aspect of health care associated with functional rehabilitation. The goal is for the handling of disability, injury and disruption to improve movement through physical improvements. Physical therapy focuses on the design techniques to maximize function, movement and quality of life of patients with various medical conditions.

In the physical therapy, the ability of a person in motion assessed, and the real purpose specified and agreed upon. The process involves encourage and train the patient to maximize the ability of the movement to be able to work as closely as possible. Patients, nurses, doctors and therapists are all involved in the practice of physical therapy. This is commonly done by occupational therapists to work with a physical therapist to help patients

The specificity of physical therapy include various series of physical exercises designed specifically to fit the patient's ability and intent. Manual therapy, including active and passive movements. Health education and fitness programs are also recommended in the practice of physical therapy. In addition, physical therapy also improves health and active lifestyle.

Physical therapy has a wide scope in terms of knowledge and practice. There are several areas of specialization physical therapist. Recovery with heart and lung physical therapy can improve breathing, durability and function before and after surgery on a heart-lung surgery patients. Meanwhile, the physical-therapist-directed to the restoration of nerve muscle strength loss and retraining activities in daily life and ambulation / movement of patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease

Physical therapy for a variety of skin conditions such as burns and wounds prolonged / chronic, aims to reduce the disturbance shape and stiffness of the joints and improve wound healing well. Physical therapy of bone-muscle diseases handling muscle-bone, for example, strain or injury to the spinal cord and so forth. It also can help a faster recovery of patients after bone-muscle surgery, such as hip replacement surgery and amputation. Similarly, the physical therapy of sports medicine, focusing on the health of athletes and sports teams, in handling injuries include sprains, tearing ligaments and fractures. Physical therapy is also important in palliative care, helping patients reduce dependence on caregivers, and improve their quality of life.

Besides all the above, there is also a physical therapist in children, focusing with the increase in basic motor skills, coordination and thinking in children as a fusion with a physical therapist in the elderly, focus on relieving pain and maximize function in adult conditions such as arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Other specialties include electrophysiology physical therapy and women's health.
When you have to visit the Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy managing a wide range of patients, with coverage of disease and injury wide. Patients of all ages, both very young to very old, can go to physical therapy. Injury, genetics, aging and disease can affect the occurrence of health conditions that limit a person's ability to perform daily activities. Physical therapy can help you restore include strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

The program made a personal nature, depending on the specific needs of the patient. Management plans almost always include exercise room of motion and strengthening. Manual therapy can also be included to relax and relieve pain. Manual therapies include massage, which can relieve pain and improve perpuratan and movement, where the slow motion can relax the muscles and improve flexibility, and motion step, where the pressure and force applied to the body to strengthen it. Physical therapy can also involve other treatment methods, such as cold stimulation, heat and electricity with low voltage. In certain cases, the patient can also be taught how to use assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs, braces and fake body parts / artificial, which aims to improve the movement. Finally, education is compulsory. Patients and their families are taught to physical exercise and adjustment techniques that can be practiced at home to prevent further injury.

There are some conditions or situations where physical therapy play an important role in the management of health and well-being. Physical therapy is useful for managing long-lasting disorder (chronic) so you can better manage your life with the condition. Physical therapy is also important in the process of recovery and rehabilitation of patients, especially those who were previously healthy and suddenly exposed to an accident. Physical therapist can recommend ways how to perform certain activities to reduce pain, increase strength and reduce the risk. Physical therapy is also an important aspect for the rehabilitation of patients with a disease that affects many organ systems. Rehabilitation team, composed of various health care specialists include physicians, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychiatrists, among others, can create a program to help patients with diseases that damage many organs, such as stroke and heart disease.

In addition, physical therapy is also a key factor in the growth and progress of children with special needs, especially for children who experience delays in their growth stages, misalanya children with cerebral palsy and other genetic disorders. Physical therapy for children combine therapy with the game, supporting not only physical, but also mental health and mind. Physical therapy is usually also available in special schools for these children.

You can undergo physical therapy as single therapy, or use it together with other types of treatment, such as is generally the surgery. Physical therapy can be performed in a variety of conditions. In addition to the hospitals, physical therapy can also be performed at outpatient clinics, home care, rehabilitation facilities and sports fitness center, and even in school and at work. Make sure you look for physical therapists or physical therapists who are certified in order to gain the maximum benefit from this therapy.
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